Active thermal insulation in practice

Active thermal insulation of new and existing buildings

The active thermal insulation of buildings is a modern, environmentally friendly solution.  Applicable to both newly constructed and existing buildings as well. Our experts can provide professional assistance to successfully accomplish your active thermal insulation project.  

Active thermal insulated panel

Active thermal insulated panelWith active thermal insulated panels almost any building can be insulated, whether new or subsequent insulation is concerned. The panel is easily mounted on the wall of the building and the heat distribution layer greatly increases the effectiveness of the panel.

Active thermal insulaton for EPS/Neopor bricks

Active thermal insulaton for EPS/Neopor bricksThe pipe coil needed for active thermal insulation is placed in part of the brick filled with concrete so that the thicker insulated part of the brick is placed at the interior of the building. In this way not only the active thermal insulation was solved successfully, but also we get a useful heat battery. 


The ISOACTIVE-3D system was created by a further development of the EVG-3D system, which combines the benefits of the EVG-3D system and active thermal insulation.
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